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  Dermoscopix cutting edge software was developed to provide the
medical community a uniquely advanced and superior skin imaging

By using Dermoscopix software, doctors can:
  • Create and store a complete patient record including patient details and medical history
  • Create and store macroscopic and dermatoscopic images  
  • Perform digital monitoring on suspicious lesions
  • Facilitate total body photography
  • Transfer images straight from memory card to the patient record
  • Utilise remote shooting and directly link the camera to the software
  • Perform follow up imaging on skin lesions using comparison viewing options
  • Create viewer CDs for patient's self examinations
  • Store pathology reports and directly link the report to the excised lesion on the bodymap
  • Select data criteria to perform statistical analyses
  • Evaluate dermoscopic images using the 2 Step Method for melanoma diagnosis 
  • Take photos with any digital camera-dermatoscope combination
  • Import images and documents from any digital source
  • Store video files
  • Export images and reports to programs such as email or powerpoint for conference preparation
  • Print reports and images
  • Perform weekly backup
  • Access software from multiple office computers using a network facility